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Skin-Sational Body Treatments
Eucalyptus Spruce Salt Scrub
This deep relaxation blend promotes a calm mind and body. Moisturize your body with Vitamin E and the healing of ayurvedic oils.
Peppermint Stick Scrub
This signature sea salt-based scrub stimulates and exfoliates the skin, improves texture, unclogs pores and prepares the skin for improved penetration of lotions.
Pumpkin Spice Scrub
A fantastic treatment in itself - Inviting fall fragrance relaxes and soothes.
Desert Mineral Detox Body Scrub
A super charged, exfoliating body scrub with micronized Volcanic Ash, Mojave Desert Minerals, Herbs and Organic oils. Herbalist formulated; inspired by legendary bath treatments of Ancient times.
Lavender Scrub
A rich, moisturizing body scrub that exfoliates the skin leaving it soft and revitalized.
Chocolate Scrub
Comfort food for your skin. Wet your appetite with this Sweet, delectable treatment. The Chocolate Scrub is a gentle, salt-based exfoliating treatment with a natural cocoa scent.
Champagne & Rose Scrub
Absorb the rich, romantic, renewing bouquet of the Champagne and Rose scrub, an oil free exfoliating treatment.
Citrus Body Polish/Scrub
A simply amazing body polish. When massaged into the skin it not only exfoliates, but hydrates the skin as the active moisturizer base is absorbed. Simply brush off the remaining apricot seed granules. Leaving skin renewed, soft, silky and hydrated. Pleasantly scented with lemon, orange and lime essential oils.
Treat Yourself to a Body Wrap...
Seaweed Detox Gel Wrap
This treatment has sea kelp for metabolic stimulation and nutrient rich Klamath Blue-Green Algae to hydrate and detoxify. The active moisturizer base includes willow bark extract, aloe vera oil, Vitamin E, rosehip seed oil, lavender, and a touch of fragrance to lift the spirits. This special combination of ingredients gives a pleasant scent for you to relax!
Mineral Mint Firming & Slimming Wrap
The Slimming body wrap features active ingredients that help detoxify, reduce inches and tighten skin without dehydrating. This custom blend of ground and marine extracts blend with essential oils to stimulate and promote the intercellular exchanges, eliminate excess water and work to break up fatty deposits. Deeply hydrates, softens, purifies, nourishes and revitalizes the skin! 
Fench Green Clay Wrap
This green powerhouse has Klamath Blue-Green Algae, chlorophyll to detoxify and essential fatty acids to improve elasticity. French Green Clay draws out impurities, while Lavender essential oil soothes the skin. Provides cleansing, balancing, soothing and healing properties. 
Wine Wrap
The Vinatherapy Wine Wrap is a luxurious body treatment which removes dead skin cellsdeeply hydrates and helps fade age spots. A luxurious body treatment utilizes the powerful antioxidant and exfoliating properties of the grape. Some powerful ingredients include Grape, Wine, Oats & White Clay. Finished off with our Champagne & Rose cream & oil it does not get much better! 
Black Baltic Mud Wrap
Free skin of environmental stress and toxins with a centuries-old curative. This unique black mud utilizes colloidal Black European Fresh Water Silts to improve skin texture and extract pore-clogging impurities that damage and weaken skin. Formed 30,000 years ago by the slow decomposition of organic and plant substances, these rare Black Silts contain 40% Humic Acid and an abundance of fatty acids, lipids, and vitamins and minerals to enhance cell turnover while deeply hydrating skin. With an organic content exceeding that of Austrian Moor, Fango, or Dead Sea mud, our Black Baltic silts promote cell oxygenation, assist in removing debris and impurities, and replenish moisture while imparting freshness, firmness and uniformity to the skin.
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